About the WASTE Mailing List

General Information on the WASTE Discussion List
by Wolfgang Bujatti, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Youth and Family Affairs

fractioning of wastes, dumping sites, hazard potential for subsequent generations, recycling, conditioning to inert them, combustion plants

The increasing quantity and the hazards of human wastes evolved to a very serious environmental problem. They can impair the general well- being of man, animals, vegetation, their basis of existence or their natural environment.

Waste-related discussions are currently taking place on environmental newsgroups - particularly on sci.environment - but as this topic needs an integrated approch by environmentalists, biologists, ecologists, chemists, technicians and lawyers the Usenet community would be better served by a more specific forum. Moreover it would ease the traffic at sci.environment (about 30 postings a day).

This mailing list is proposed to provide a forum for scientific discussion on the one hand by people who are distressed by the negative effects which their wastes can take on our natural environment (soil, water, air and the seas) and on the other hand by people involved in collecting, fractioning, conditioning, recycling or dumping wastes. It is intended for the integrated discussion of all waste-related topics, not only a specific biological ar legal talk.

I've chosen the label waste instead of a more specific description (such as recycling or dumping) since this is the usual description for departements of administrations, non governmental organisations and enterprises.

This list was created to assist governments, NGOs, environmentalists and scientists in the acquisition of waste-related information as well as an informative arena on the many different world wide techniques of conditioning, recycling and reusing wastes.

Specific topics may include but are not limited to:

Binaries are only allowed by adding format or extension in the subject line. Messages that advertise products not related to waste management or waste effects are banned. On-topic advertising is limited to once per week.

Discussions about saving the nature without context to wastes, particularly the talk about energy-production, should better take place on newsgroups such as sci.environment, sci.bio.conservation or sci.energy and scientific discussions about topics which also apply to other things than wastes would be better discussed on the other scientific newsgroups or the bionet environment.

Proponent: Wolfgang Bujatti
Mentor: Jonathan Grobe