Final Report
Environmental Terminology Development on WWW

Final Report - Environmental Terminology Development on WWW Author: Dr. Gerhard Budin, International Society for Environmental Protection (ISEP)

Edited in July, 1996

This report was created as a result of task 4, "Harmonized Terminology" of the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources.


  1. Overview
  2. Strategies of developing environmental terminologies in WWW
  3. Data model of EEA-TDB
  4. Scenario description: Towards a Collaborative Environmental Hyperglossary
  5. Reference Catalogue
  6. Copyright issues
  7. Work Manual
  8. Conclusions and recommendations for further work
  9. References

Annex 1: List of Abbreviations
Annex 2: Materials presented at the Third ETC/CDS Workshop in Copenhagen

Project coordination and preparation of the report: Dr. Gerhard Budin
Contributions by Veronika Rohrbacher (in chapters 4 and 7), Silvia Colomina and Mireia Ginesti (chapter 5.2), Christian Galinski(chapter 6), Johann Stockinger (implementation of WWW prototype).
Thanks to Felix Mayer, Klaus-Dirk Schmitz and Sue Ellen Wright for valuable comments on the Multiterm implementation and SGML markup.
Thanks to Dr. Werner Pillmann for active project supervision and many fruitful discussions, to Laura Hofer and Bernhard Lorenz for valuable comments, to Karin Tauchner for constructive comments on parts of chapter 4 (WWW in put and output forms), to Michaela Arndorfer for comments and layout support and to Wolf-Dieter Batschi for providing valuable information for chapter 5.2.

The HTML version of this document has been prepared by Laura Hofer.

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